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Connecting Physician Families for Healthier Communities

Since 1922, the AMA Alliance has been the voice of physician families.
We’ve impacted our members and our communities in amazing ways through many initiatives over the years!

Our power is in our partnerships. Current focus is Opioid Misuse Awareness. Click here to find our more and link to National Opioid Initiative page
Join Us! and be a part of something bigger. . .
Our Vision: to be a recognized leader in community health resources and advocacy
To learn more about our current health initiatives, click here


Mary Beth Ellison
President, 2019-2020

Join our alliance community as we launch our 97th year of continued support for community health & wellness and the physician family. Explore our involvement in national initiatives to fight against opioid misuse and physician burnout. Engage with our members at the national, state and local levels working on health initiatives, philanthropy and legislative advocacy.

We are connecting with each other at all levels and growing with the shared community we are creating. What makes us unique is we are the physician family, that is our common bond. we know what it is like to take the journey from medical school to retirement.

We have connections to others who are experiencing the same issues we are. We grow from sharing with others who have gone through these experiences. You are not alone. Come join us as you travel on your medical family journey and make some new friends along the way. Connect and Grow with us this year.

Is the AMA Alliance right for you?

  • Are you the spouse or partner of a physician, or a physician?
  • Are you the spouse or partner of a medical student, or a medical student?
  • Are you concerned about public health issues?
  • Would you like to make a difference?
  • Do you enjoy the company of other physician families?
  • Would you like to expand your leadership skills and find new talents?
  • Would you like to make connections at the local, state and national levels?
  • Do you enjoy finding solutions to problems?
  • Do you find new opportunities energizing?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, Click here to request more information!

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Imagine being part of an amazing network of people throughout the country who “get” your life and are happy to offer valuable advice. Physician families often relocate throughout the stages of their lives in medicine, and the AMA Alliance has provided resources and support to those families since 1922.
Even better, we also support health and wellness initiatives to improve
America’s health.

Find out more.

Imagine being part of the organization that nearly 100 years ago helped teach Americans that hand-washing prevents disease. AMA Alliance members don’t have to imagine, because they’ve also tackled critical issues like smoking, violence and bullying.
Today’s AMA Alliance focuses on opioid misuse and physician burnout while our 501(c)(3) Alliance Health Education Initiative (AHEI) has awarded over $25,000 in grants to support worthwhile projects.

Find out more.

Imagine how much more of a difference you can make if you join thousands of other physician families on issues that matter! The AMA Alliance has supported health and wellness initiatives and advocated for legislation which impacts America’s health for nearly 100 years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We teach our members how to be more effective at taking on tough issues, building healthier communities and making sure their voices are heard!

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Connect with a Network of People Who "Get It"

The AMA Alliance provides tools and resources for today’s member with a special emphasis on the stages of physician family life, the training years, active practice, and retirement. With nearly 100 years of experience, the AMA Alliance connects physician families around the nation and offers personal development seminars, workshops, events, and an array of discount programs that deliver savings not available elsewhere.

This issue of Physician Family Magazine focuses on the importance of community, as well as some of the amazing and inspirational things physician families have done in their communities.

Click here to find out more about our publications.

Married to Doctors podcast - AMA alliance member Lara McElderry has been navigating the medical world as she has supported her husband through medical school, residency and fellowship, while raising five boys. Listen to her weekly podcast in which spouses of physicians share their stories and experts share advice as Lara leads a discussion asking personal and hard questions that explore the joys and challenges of being Married to Doctors.