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Heather Rifkin, President

Welcome to the home page of the American Medical Association Alliance! You have taken the first step in finding out who we are and what we do.
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Meet Some of our Members

Hear about why they are members of AMA Alliance and learn a bit more about each person. We serve a wide variety of members with unique perspectives and needs.

Dawn Davis

Active in the Fort Wayne Alliance since 1995, Dawn is married to Dr. Keith Davis, an OB/GYN. They have four children, two now in medical school. Dawn served on the state Alliance board for several years. She says she is “thrilled to join a national team,” Family Health Awareness Initiatives, Programs Council. The AMAA is thrilled to have her!

Nancy Fody

Nancy, of Holland, Michigan, brings her strong passion for bylaws and parliamentary procedure to the AMA Alliance Governance Council, Bylaws Committee. 
To those who might find bylaws less than exciting, Nancy would say that “bylaws are what run an organization. They are the bones, the structure” of an association. She values the Alliance particularly for its leadership training and legislative advocacy on behalf of medicine.

Jayme Shelton

Jayme is passionate about diversity and inclusion issues. He would like to help diversify the Alliance and recruit more young, “nonconventional” members, including men, LGBTQ and international families, or those who may not have a local Alliance. Many medical spouses, like himself, have valuable skill sets to offer and could benefit from networking with other physician spouses. Jayme is a welcome addition to the AMA Alliance Nominating Committee (Governance Council) and also brings his passion and energy to Membership Council, where he is involved with both Member Engagement and Member Development/Marketing.

Brenda Seals

Brenda serves the AMA Alliance on the Programs Council, Family Health Awareness Initiatives, hoping to make a further impact on the opioid crisis.
No stranger to the Alliance, Brenda joined the Knoxville Academy of Medicine Alliance upon moving to Knoxville with her husband, Dr. Jim Seals, in 1987, chairing many committees over the years and then serving as president. She was also president of the Tennessee Medical Association Alliance. She has been on numerous AMA Alliance committees, and she chaired the Membership Committee in the early 2000s.