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Connecting Physician Families for Healthier Communities

 How are you feeling right now? How Right Now | Finding What Helps

Our power is in our partnerships. Current focus is Opioid Misuse Awareness. Click here to find our more and link to National Opioid Initiative page
Join Us! and be a part of something bigger. . .
Our Vision: to be a recognized leader in community health resources and advocacy
To learn more about our current health initiatives, click here

A message from the AMA Alliance Board President, Sue Ann Greco. Welcome to the home page of the American Medical Association Alliance!

Welcome to the home page of the American Medical Association Alliance!

You have taken the first step in finding out who we are and what we do. For those of you new to the Alliance, we are a nationwide network of physician families that go beyond “connecting.” For almost 100 years we have served our communities by bringing important health initiatives and advocacy issues to the forefront.

We represent a diverse group of professional individuals including both physicians and physician spouses. The family of medicine has changed over the years, and that’s why we are here for all members of the physician family. Our health initiatives include making physician family health and wellness a priority, regardless of where you are in the physician career.

Our Physician Family magazine addresses issues important to physician families and physicians-in-training. Our Alliance in Motion magazine helps state and local Alliances stay connected and informed about issues we have set as our priority.

Our Alliance Health Education Initiative (AHEI) provides grant money to Alliances working with community-based groups. Our HPP grants provide local Alliances seed money to bring creative projects to their community that address our health initiatives. Our health initiatives address public health awareness issues that are important to all families!

These are issues that affect every family member at every developmental stage: safe sleep for babies, immunizations, vaping, screen time, bullying, mental health awareness, and opioid misuse.

You have taken the first step…the next step is to JOIN NOW.

To stay safe remember to maintain social distancing, good hand washing and cough etiquette. Follow your state and local government directives. Additional COVID-19 information can be found on the AMA and CDC websites.


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Imagine being part of an amazing network of people throughout the country who “get” your life and are happy to offer valuable advice. Physician families often relocate throughout the stages of their lives in medicine, and the AMA Alliance has provided resources and support to those families since 1922.
Even better, we also support health and wellness initiatives to improve
America’s health.

Find out more.

Imagine being part of the organization that nearly 100 years ago helped teach Americans that hand-washing prevents disease. AMA Alliance members don’t have to imagine, because they’ve also tackled critical issues like smoking, violence and bullying.
Today’s AMA Alliance focuses on opioid misuse and physician burnout while our 501(c)(3) Alliance Health Education Initiative (AHEI) has awarded over $25,000 in grants to support worthwhile projects.

Find out more.

Imagine how much more of a difference you can make if you join thousands of other physician families on issues that matter! The AMA Alliance has supported health and wellness initiatives and advocated for legislation which impacts America’s health for nearly 100 years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We teach our members how to be more effective at taking on tough issues, building healthier communities and making sure their voices are heard!

Find out more.

Connect with a Network of People Who "Get It"

The AMA Alliance provides tools and resources for today’s member with a special emphasis on the stages of physician family life, the training years, active practice, and retirement. With nearly 100 years of experience, the AMA Alliance connects physician families around the nation and offers personal development seminars, workshops, events, and an array of discount programs that deliver savings not available elsewhere.

This issue of Physician Family Magazine focuses on how physician families show resilience in the face of change.

Click here to find out more about our publications.

Alliance in Motion (AiM) magazine features the work of Alliance members in action across the country, including pivoting to a virtual annual meeting and the 25th anniversary of SAVE.

Check out a couple of featured articles in this edition:

Changes in Physicians’ Practices Impact Medical Families by Nancy Schneider

Fashion Show Success by Alexia Crowley

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