“Stop America’s Violence Everywhere” was launched by the AMA Alliance in June 1995. Affiliates across the country recognized the toll that violence was taking in their communities. The AMA Alliance responded with the largest health promotion project undertaken by our membership. Over 700 anti-violence programs covering a broad spectrum of activities have been implemented by county and state affiliates. Many members utilize SAVE resources and distribute our elementary-age hands-on children’s activities “Hands Are Not For Hitting” and “You Can Stop Bullies” (placemats, bookmarks & books). Click on the icons below to view a sample of each item available.

Updated S.A.V.E. materials include “You Can Stop Bullying” color book, “Hands are Not for Hitting” colorbook and “Hands are Not for Hitting” placemat. These are available directly from the printer with rapid turnaround. Cost can include shrink wrap and shipping; price list available. Contact –  programs@amaalliance.org