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Connecting Physician Families for Healthier Communities


Being a member of the AMA Alliance allows you special access to top-rated magazines and social media to keep you engaged with your fellow members. Your membership affords you access to the following publications:

The Fall 2019 issue of the combined Alliance in Motion/Physician Family/ Magazine is NOW LIVE at both www.amaalliance.org and www.physicianfamilymedia.org!

Humans facilitate socialization by forming communities, some physical and others based on personal or professional interests. Our “tribes” are the broader communities we inhabit, looking for vital connections to others who “get” our lives as we seek to connect and grow through all the stages of life in medicine.

A complete list of articles in this issue appears HERE.

Past issues have focused on important topics like physician burnout, medical marriage, diversity, financial and legal issues, communication, wellness, resilience, the four stages of life in medicine (medical school, residency and fellowship, active practice and retirement) and more. The digital edition of this quarterly publication is available to all, at no cost, as a gift from the AMA Alliance; hard copies are mailed to AMAA members as a member benefit.

Click here for archived issues of the Physician Family Magazine. Access the Physician Family Website.

If a current or past issue of Physician Family Magazine is of special interest to YOUR medicine-related group, you may be able to purchase 25 issues or more! Those issues cost only $1 per copy, plus shipping, pending availability. Fill out the order form to get your valuable copies of Physician Family in the mail ASAP!


Alliance in Motion (AiM) magazine features the work of Alliance members in action across the country. This issue of Alliance in Motion Magazine looks at how our tribes came together for this year’s Physician Family Day celebration and collecting peanut butter for food pantries throughout the nation – as well as inspirational and exciting community projects carried out by national, state and local Alliances. Physician Family Magazine focuses on the importance of community, as well as some of the amazing and inspirational things physician families have done in their communities.

A complete list of articles in this issue appears HERE.

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AMA Alliance LINK – An e-newsletter, published once a month, the LINK disseminates the latest news from State and National Alliance leaders along with notices of leadership opportunities and other resources that AMAA members can access such as the Online Academy and grants and awards applications. You will find legislative updates related to the practice of medicine and information about the AMAA annual meeting and regional meetings around the country. The LINK brings news of value to AMAA members and medical families.