The 2023 Physician Family Experience Survey

What impacts the physician impacts the family and together we will make a difference.

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This is a unique and invaluable collection of comments and advice specifically for physician families like yours. As a trusted resource for physician families, the AMA Alliance understand the unique challenges and joys that comes with being part of a medical family.

History of Project

In 1999 Dr. Wayne M. Sotile partnered with the American Medical Association Alliance (AMA Alliance) to evaluate physician marriages, their partners, and life in medicine. Since the original survey we have seen significant changes in the way that medicine is practiced and delivered, changes in how physician families are defined and organized, and advances in technology that connect us to one another in real time.. It is our desire to measure the health and well-being of physician families in a comprehensive way. We are honored to have Dr. Wayne M. Sotile and Dr. Tait Shanafelt as collaborators on this project.

“The 1999 partnership between the AMA Alliance and the Sotiles provided critical insights into the unique dynamics of a medical marriage. With the radically changing face of medicine today, it was time for us to take the pulse of the priorities and challenges of medical families of the modern age. The AMA Alliance is committed to providing resources to physician families nationwide, and this new survey will provide key indicators of how to best tailor these resources to fit the needs of our membership. We are excited to launch such an important project.”  

—Jacqueline L. Nguyen, Esq., AMA Alliance president, 2022-23

Results of the Survey

The Physician Family Experience Survey was open March 27–April 15, 2023. During that time 1,756 participants representing every stage of the medical journey answered 94 questions on topics from finances and parenting to perceptions of medicine and managing stress.

Initial survey results were presented at the AMA Alliance Annual National Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 3 and have appeared in editions of Physician Family Alliance in Motion magazine. In the fall of 2023 the project received retroactive IRB approval in preparation for academic publication and presentations.

The survey is the beginning of good things to come for physician families everywhere!

Meet the Survey Collaborators

Wayne M. Sotile, PhD

Dr. Sotile is a pioneer in the fields of health psychology, resilience, and work/life balance for high-performing people. He is one of the world’s most seasoned clinicians specializing in life coaching for physicians. He has delivered more than 9,000 invited addresses and workshops to audiences of health professionals across disciplines.

“There is a national story to be told about what contemporary life in medicine is like. If you want to understand physicians, go talk to their spouses.”

Tait Shanafelt, MD

Dr. Tait Shanafelt is the chief wellness officer, associate dean, and Jeanie and Steward Richie Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. He is an international thought leader and researcher in the field of physician well-being and its implications for quality of care.

“Although a physician’s relationships with their spouse and family are critical but understudied domains, more data and evidence, like that collected through the AMA Alliance survey, will provide important insights regarding what resources and interventions can help nurture and strengthen these relationships.”

Lori Boies PhD, MPH

Dr. Lori Boies teaches undergraduate students on a wide range of topics in the biological sciences and public health courses. Boies works on research projects focusing on gene annotation as well as epidemiological and biostatistical studies. Additionally, she is an active volunteer in the community and has been a member of the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance (BCMSA), Texas, for over a decade, serving as president of the BCMSA during its centennial year in 2017. She directs the statistical validation of the survey results.

Physician Family Experience Project Team

AMA Alliance members Kendra Harvey and Beverly Kerbow are working alongside Dr. Wayne Sotile, PhD, and Dr. Tait Shanafelt, MD, to coordinate and execute the 2023 Physician Family Experience Survey.
Kendra Harvey
Beverly Kerbow
Wayne Sotile PhD
Tait Shanafelt MD