What impacts the physician impacts the family and together we can make a difference. YOU can help make a difference by taking the survey and sharing it with your physician family friends.

Past surveys have garnered responses from fewer than 700 respondents, many of which were isolated to a particular group or region and are outdated. The 2023 survey will be the first of its kind to reach physician families in both organized associations/societies and those who have joined online communities through social media networks. It is our desire to give every physician partner the opportunity to participate in this important conversation.

History of Project

In 1999 Dr. Wayne M. Sotile partnered with the American Medical Association Alliance (AMAA) to evaluate physician marriages, their partners, and life in medicine. Since the original survey we have seen significant changes in the way that medicine is practiced and delivered, changes in how physician families are defined and organized, and advances in technology that connect us to one another in real time.

In the time since the original survey we have seen changes in the way medicine is practiced, how families are defined and organized, and experienced significant advances in technology that connect us to one another in real time. It is our desire to measure the health and wellbeing of physician families in a comprehensive way. We are honored to have Dr. Wayne M. Sotile and Dr. Tait Shanafelt as collaborators on this project.

“The 1999 partnership between the AMA Alliance and the Sotiles provided critical insights into the unique dynamics of a medical marriage. With the radically changing face of medicine today, it was time for us to take the pulse of the priorities and challenges of medical families of the modern age. The AMA Alliance is committed to providing resources to physician families nationwide and this new survey will provide key indicators of how to best tailor these resources to fit the needs of our membership. We are excited to launch such an important project.” 
– Jacqueline L. Nguyen, Esq., AMA Alliance President.

Physician Family Experience Project Team

AMA Alliance members Kendra Harvey and Beverly Kerbow are working alongside Dr. Wayne Sotile, PhD and Dr. Tait Shanafelt, MD to coordinate and execute the 2023 Physician Family Experience Survey.
Kendra Harvey
Beverly Kerbow
Wayne Sotile PhD
Tait Shanafelt MD