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AMA Alliance is the only nationwide organization that unites you with other physician families.
We address the unique interests and concerns related to the opportunities and challenges of medicine. The AMA Alliance provides resources for you and is an organized voice for the support of the physician(s) in your family and the future of medicine.
Join now and begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the only national organization representing the family of medicine today.

Regular Member $65 annually (practicing, retired, or widowed physician & spouse/partner)
Early Career Member  $45 annually(post-training years (first 1-3 years) practicing physician & physician spouse/partner
In-Training Member  $15 annually(medical student, resident physician, fellow & spouse/partner

Regular Member Couple $100 annually
Early Career Member Couple  $65 annually
In-Training Member Couple  $20 annually

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Member Benefits

Community Project Bank
Ideas to help your community solve problems big and small.

Health Promotion Policy Grants 
Funnel funds directly to your community to support health and wellness initiatives. 

Online Leadership Academy 
Resources for professional development and education.

*Networking Opportunities *Physician Family Magazine *Monthly Digital Newsletters 
*Virtual Meetings and Education *Regional Meetings *Events