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Connecting Physician Families for Healthier Communities

Legislation and Public Affairs

The key to health care and public affairs legislation is communication, teamwork and doing your homework! The involvement of individual physicians and their spouses/partners is vital to the success of any grassroots advocacy effort. Alliance members can make a significant difference when they provide input and educate elected officials about the issues which impact physicians, the practice of medicine and the nation’s health. In partnership with the AMA, Alliance members focus on legislation at the state and national levels to provide grassroots advocacy and make a difference.

AMPAC – the AMA’s Political Action Committee

Did you know that five of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were physicians? Many of our nation’s physicians have lent their problem-solving skills to government at all levels and continue to do so today.

In addition to supporting candidates who support initiatives important to medicine, AMPAC provides high-level training for physicians and physician family members who decided to run for office during its annual AMPAC Campaign School.

For more information or to apply visit: ampaconline.org/apply or contact us at: politicaleducation@ama-assn.org.


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