Building healthy communities is a high priority for the AMA Alliance. Recognizing the impact of lifestyle choices on health and wellness, we promote exercise, good nutrition, work-life balance, and awareness of other factors that influence wellness. We are especially mindful of the stresses on physician families and the epidemic of physician burnout. Working together as a team with our members and carefully selected partners, we can make a difference and have a greater impact in our communities and at the national level with user-ready health awareness projects and resources.

Current initiatives include:

Drug Overdose Epidemic

As the AMA Alliance strives to keep you current on developments to help end the nation’s drug overdose epidemic, we are collaborating with the American Medical Association (AMA) to bring you their very comprehensive materials and resources on this issue. To be a part of the solution, click here for more information.

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Stop America’s Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

The SAVE initiative to “Stop America’s Violence Everywhere” was launched by the AMA Alliance in June 1995. Alliances across the country recognized the toll that violence was taking in their communities, so the national organization responded with the largest health promotion project undertaken by our membership. Over 700 anti-violence programs were developed, covering a broad spectrum of activities implemented by county and state affiliates. This success was recognized in 2005 by President George W. Bush commemorating the 10th Anniversary of National S.A.V.E. Day.  For more information and resources so you can be part of the solution  follow this link .

Connecting Physician Families for Healthier Communities

Physician Stress and Burnout

Among the nation’s physicians, stress and burnout are rapidly becoming an epidemic. Nearly half of physicians are experiencing symptoms of burnout, which impacts not only the physician, but the physician’s family and patients. The AMA Alliance has developed a non-diagnostic quiz for physicians and families to help identify the symptoms of burnout; our Physician Burnout page also provides current resources, including links to modules developed by the AMA.  Click here for more information. Additionally, Physician Family Magazine has dedicated issues to balance, burnout and resilience and regularly features relevant content.  Click here for more at that website.

Health Promotion Policy Grants

The AMA Alliance Health Promotion Policy Grants provide seed money to county and state alliances so they can implement a new program or activity inspired by AMA Alliance health policies. Currently there are a limited number of $300-$500 grants available. Projects should provide ongoing opportunities to build healthier communities in conjunction with the AMA Alliance.  For more information and resources so you can be part of the solution   follow this link .