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What are the benefits of being a member of the AMA Alliance?

Being a member of the AMA Alliance comes with a wide variety of benefits. Some of those benefits include the sense of community, the ability to partake in health and wellness initiatives, receiving the Physician Family magazine, and attending our annual conference!


How do I re-opt into email communications?

  1. Log in to your AMA Alliance account
  2. Click on ‘my profile’
  3. In the dropdown, select ‘contact preferences’ and view the options for mailing lists, etc. 
  4. Select “I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients.”
  5. If you still are not receiving emails, reach out to amaallianceinfo@gmail.com.

How do I reset my AMA Alliance password?

Click here to reset your password!

Do I pay my state/county or AMA Alliance directly?

You can do either! Some members pay their state or county and some pay AMA Alliance directly. If you are unsure of how you have paid in the past, you can reach out to the AMA Alliance Association Managers at amaallianceinfo@gmail.com.

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