Decades of Making a Difference

The AMA Alliance celebrates 100+ years of connecting physician families to create healthier communities with a presentation at its Annual Meeting.

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  • * May 24, 1922: AMA House of Delegates approves resolution establishing the Woman’s Auxiliary to the American Medical
    * 60 women from 17 states attend the first annual meeting
    * First organizational publication, The Bulletin, provided to members
    * The Right Side of Caduceus official presidential pin is designed to be worn by the president and passed on to each succeeding presiding officer
    * National dues set at $5 per state
    * First Auxiliary speech to the AMA House of Delegates

  • * The First Twelve Years Women’s Auxiliary to the American Medical Association historical reference book published
    * Annual Meeting registrants from all 48 states
  • * Membership with affiliate organizations in 37 states
    * United States Federal Government National awards presented for volunteer support of price control and rationing during WWII
    * Membership dues raised from 25 cents to $1
  • * Expansion of the Auxiliary to 48 states with over 3,108,341 volunteer hours
    * Auxiliary supports the American Medical Education Foundation, now known as the AMA Foundation
  • * Influential national grassroots action network expanded
    * “Operation Coffee Cup” Auxiliary recording by Ronald Reagan supporting the King Anderson bill on Federal Health Care of The Aged
    * The Block Mother Plan for Children’s Safety program
    * Knock Out (K.O.) Polio program promoting immunizations
    * New magazine publication, MD Wife
  • * Membership open to male spouses, resident physician spouses and medical student spouses
    * First Leadership Confluence held
    * Name changes to American Medical Association Auxiliary
    * Membership dues increase from $4 to $7
  • * First Lady Nancy Reagan invites the Auxiliary to White House for “Drug Use and the Family” briefing as part of the “Just Say No”
    * Auxiliary presents $1,742,931.68 to AMA Foundation from membership fundraising
    * “Days at the Capitol” held in 39 statesPresident Ronald Reagan honors AMA Auxiliary for its drug prevention programs
    * Membership dues increase to $15
  • * AMA Auxiliary officially becomes AMA Alliance
    * October 11, 1995: S.A.V.E. (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere) program launches
    * “Hands are Not For Hitting” and “I Can” health promotion series published with over a million copies distributed nationally
    * Presidents George H. Bush and William Clinton recognize AMA Alliance S.A.V.E. efforts
    * Membership dues increase to $25
  • * Expansion of S.A.V.E. program with AMA Foundation grant for 50,000 conflict resolution puzzles
    * Health promotion series adds “I Can Handle Bullies” booklet and bookmark
    * Legislative Education and Awareness Promotion (LEAP) Awards launch
    * President George W. Bush recognizes S.A.V.E. program
    * AMA Alliance joins AMA National Advisory Council focusing on prevention of violence and abuse
    * Partnership with American Legacy Foundation and grant utilization for “Screen Out” advocacy campaign for movies which include
          actors smoking to have an R rating
    * Membership dues increase to $50
  • * Alliance Health Education Initiative (AHEI) established to promote community health education and charitable endeavors
    * AMA Alliance Grassroots Honor Fund established in conjunction with the AMA Physicians of Tomorrow Endowment. Initial $10,000
          grants awarded in 2015; one in honor of John Lovin, past AMA Alliance treasurer
    * Organizational focus on the physician family
    * Launch of Alliance in Motion and Physician Family magazines
    * National advocacy partnership with AMA addressing opioid misuse epidemic and physician burnout
    * Centennial Club invites members to propel the AMA Alliance into the future