Jayme Shelton

Jayme Shelton is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma. He lives in Norman with his wife, Sarah, and three children, Deacon, Birdie and Lottie. Jayme graduated with a degree in finance from Oklahoma State University in 2003 and then worked for community banks and spent seven years in public relations & marketing for local government and non-profit organizations.

In 2016 he decided to stay home to be with his children and support his wife with her career. Dr. Sarah Shelton is an attending Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. 

Jayme is a longtime supporter and alumnus of the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development program, he serves on his local library board and is often asked to help with projects in his community. 

Jayme learned about the network of Alliance groups from a post in the Dads Married to Doctors Facebook group and joined his local, state and the AMA Alliance in September 2018. If you are ever in Oklahoma please find Jayme because he has never met a stranger and will go out of his way to make you feel welcomed. 

Jayme can be reached at communications@amaalliance.org