Grace Wellman

Grace lives in the beautiful, vibrant city of Sioux Falls South Dakota. Grace’s background in finance and working with people is instrumental in her volunteering. She joined the Alliances in 1990 and has been extensively involved at all levels of the Alliance. At the county Alliance level, she chaired several committees and served two terms as president. As the county Alliance President, she became very active in the South Dakota State Medical Alliance. While serving on the state alliance level she recognized the importance of connecting the counties and working together on projects, mentorship, legislation and fundraising. Grace completed three terms as state president and loved organizing and promoting fundraising for medical student education that substantially increasing funds for scholarships. At the national Alliance level Grace has served on several committees and task forces and is currently the chair of the AMA Alliance Annual Meeting and Director of the Events Council. 

Grace still finds time to be actively involved in Sioux Falls organizations, especially those that support the health and wellbeing of children.

Grace’s husband Dr. Larry Wellman, is a retired neonatologist who continues to teach pediatric residents with the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine.

She enjoys traveling with her husband to new places and meeting new friends. She also enjoys outdoor sports especially if they involve water. 

You may contact Grace at